Motto of IQCT   img
1) Quality checking and enhancement.
2) Sharing new innovative methods in teaching and learning processes.
3) Conducting workshops for training and development of our staff and students.
4) Monitoring the regular school routine and suggesting fresh techniques to enrich them.
5) Continuous and constructive research to upgrade the overall quality in the field of education.


Members of Research and Development Department:

1.Mrs Gnana Sundari – Head of the Department.


Executives of R & D:

1.Ms Saveetha  Communicative English Trainer
2.Mrs Aparna Balaji – Voice and Accent Trainer
3.Mrs Nayara Parveen – Resource person for Teacher Training


School Counselors :

1.Mrs Kohilam – Counselor (Matric Senior)
2.Mrs Raja Sulochana – Counselor (Matric Junior)
3.Mr Jeya seelan – Counselor (CBSE)
4.Mr Ruban – Vocal Trainer